Our Vision

Food FiXR: A HealthTech company making it easy to find sustainable, body optimizing foods at the grocery store.

DrGrace CEO & Founder @FoodFiXR
An App that makes finding non-toxic, body optimizing, disease-healing foods simple, easy, and fun! 
We are creating an evidence-based, authoritative single source for people to come to and find the foods that will help them to repair from diagnosed conditions and diseases  ...AND purchase them directly from their local grocery store through our app.  Super convenient!
Food FiXR Pre-MVP wireframe
We have had incredible Pre-MVP traction in 2022:
👉🏼WINNER $10,000 grant from FOR-M and MKE Tech Hub
👉🏼WINNER $2,500 2nd place in the 2022 Tech-Prize pitch competition
👉🏼INVITED to Titletown Tech and their esteemed group of mentors and business partners
👉🏼INVITED to compete in the Elevator Pitch Olympics at the Early Stage Startup Symposium in WI 
👉🏼COMPLETED the gBETA Beloit fall 2022 cohort 
(of gener8tor)
👉🏼APPEARING on the TV show Project Pitch It airing in March 2023.

We are Food As Medicine, not fitness and weight loss
We're not just counting calories or looking at your protein or sodium intake like all the other weight loss apps out there. 
           ...we specifically focus on ingredients, sustainability, and which foods can help to heal your body     - or - which ones can make you worse.

Food FiXR is a useful, scalable, & needed business at the perfect time.  
Our current White House initiatives for “Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health” define 5 pillars of impact to reduce diet-related diseases: Food FiXR provides solutions to FOUR of them.  We are a supply chain solution for social determinants of health (SDOH) in education, food choice, and food geolocation metrics.

Food FiXR is first in the market to comprehensively create a food app that is a resource to help flatten the curve on the current top 4 killers in modern medicine: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  With 40% of our population now obese, and an estimated 600,000+ people who will die from cancer this year alone, we are not looking at just a disease crisis, this is a food knowledge crisis.  

For over 20 years in my private practice, I have seen that All 4 of these diseases have 1 thing in common: they are all preventable, and potentially reversible just by eating the right food.  Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat have toxins in them, and most people don’t even know it!  We have an opportunity here to help people wanting to optimize their health, AND to help sick people who really need our assistance.

Look: Cancer survivors need to learn how to repair, and obesity wouldn’t be rising if it was as simple as dieting, or changing what you eat. 

Scientific powerhouses like Stanford University, The American Cancer Society, and the Journal of the American Medical Association all site thousands of studies showing that the foods we choose have a direct impact on our optimal health. 

The question is:

WHAT to eat, and HOW?

The Solution:  Food FiXR!

Here’s how it works: you set up your profile for needing an anti-inflammatory diet, or diabetes support, brain repair after a concussion, nutritional healing after surviving a heart attack or cancer, or simply choosing better foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Then, our algorithm gathers the best foods for your optimal health, and the little Food FiXR guy gives you a grocery list of the exact foods you need to shop for, plus he routes you to a shopping cart to order the foods from your favorite local grocery store for pick up or delivery.

And when you scan a food’s ingredient list, an AR pop-up will also inform about which ingredients are toxic, and which ones will heal or optimize your body, depending on your specific goals, or dietary needs for disease repair.  

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Dr. Grace H. Hameister and @FoodFiXR