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Obesity Is Rising

The U.S. national adult obesity rate has increased by 26% since 2008 – we have now passed the 40% mark of the US population being obese! This isn’t just a disease crisis, it’s a food knowledge crisis. Obesity wouldn’t be rising if it was as simple as dieting, or changing what you eat. The foods …

Heart Disease Is America’s #1 Killer

Someone dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. We have reached epidemic status, but somehow the numbers keep rising – financially, too: we will be hit with a $219 BILLION dollar bill this year alone dealing with this disease. (statistics from the CDC website)

Cancer will take over 600,000 lives This year

According to the American Cancer Society: During cancer treatment you need to change your diet to help build up your strength and withstand the effects of the cancer and its treatment. Good nutrition is especially important if you have cancer, because both the illness and its treatments can affect the way your body tolerates certain …

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